Castor & Feet Options

Our chairs come with a variety of glide options of which each chair or stool has its own selection. This options are avaible to choose on each product page. If you have any further queries, drop us an email or phone call.

Castor Options

Each chair or stool comes with a selection of feet and castors (wheels). Every chair and stool is different therefore the

best place to see what options are available is the product pages. 

Our low chairs and stools come with hard tyre castors (wheels) as standard. Our high chairs and stools come with feet as standard.

Feet = Do not allow chair to move


Castors (Wheels) allow free movement of the seating option. They are offered in two types:

Soft Tyre (Wheels)  = Best castor option for hard / vinyl flooring

Hard Tyre (Wheels)  = Best castor option for carpeted areas. This is our standard castor

Additional safety features can be added to the above castor types:

Safety Castors:

Lock off =  Castors (wheels) lock when the seat is empty

Lock down = Castors (wheels) lock when the seat is sat on

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